A movement created to raise the voice of the marginalized.

Based on John 1:10, "Unrecognized Brand" is a brand for anyone who has felt the rejection of society or even the church itself. 

They may have judged you at some point or told you that you are not a child of God because of your appearance or the way you dress. Perhaps some do not recognize you as a child of God because, according to them, you committed an "unpardonable" sin, or because you do not follow their dogmas or human traditions.

Unrecognized Brand is a movement created to raise the voice of the marginalized. Jesus himself was rejected and not recognized by his own people. But how nice it is to know that all of us who have believed in Jesus, were given the right to be called children of God.

Unrecognized Brand says for you: You do not recognize me as a child of God because of my appearance or for what, according to you, I’m doing wrong, but I have accepted Jesus as my Savior, I have been forgiven, He gives me the right to be recognized as a child of God, and that is more than enough.
Find the full meaning of Unrecognized Brand in John 1: 10-12 NLT: "He came to the same world that he had created, but the world did not recognize him. He came to those of his own people, and even they rejected him; but to all who believed in him and received him, he gave them the right to become children of God”.

Carlos M. Irizarry Torres and Sarinette Caraballo Pacheco are the creators of the brand. They both live in Bentonville, Arkansas since 2018. They are Puerto Ricans and their story began in 2012 when they were married despite being rejected for their decisions and life stories. Sarinette had been divorced twice and had two daughters. Carlos is younger than Sarinette for 7 and a half years, he had never married and had no children before. To the world, it was an unequal couple, but to God, they were recognized as children of God. "Unrecognized" is a brand of ASK Leadership Team. ASK Leadership Team is a Christian company founded in March 2018 by Carlos and Sarinette.
Carlos is also a blogger and YouTuber in "La Teología de la Calle" (Theology of the Street) blog/vlog. It's a virtual ministry that is dedicated to share concerns and questions of life, from a biblical perspective in the street language.
Sarinette is the Founder of "Solo Para Chicas Soñadoras" (Only for dreamy girls) facebook group. This facebook group has the mission of helping its members achieve their dreams and goals with the help of God. It is a group that has become a virtual ministry where many women have accepted Jesus as their Savior. She's also de author of "Dios en las Redes Sociales" (God in Social Media). Praise God!
Carlos and Sarinette are both Certified Speakers, Coaches and Trainers of the John Maxwell Team. Through all the efforts made in ASK Leadership Team, "The Theology of the Street", "Solo Para Chicas Soñadoras" and "Dios en las Redes Sociales", more than 450 people have accepted Jesus as Savior since March 2018. Carlos and Sarinette are Service Pastors of SOCO Church in Bentonville Arkansas. 

The brand slogan is: “He recognizes me even if the world doesn’t”.

The goal of this new Unrecognized Brand is to take the message of the grace, favor and mercy of our Lord to marginalized people so they could start living a life in purpose, in freedom and with Jesus leading their paths. 

Your purchase will definitely sustain a good cause for the glory of God.

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